Pink Peppercorn (Baie Rose)

Baie Rose or Pink Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) is one of the main ingredients of the Malagasy cuisine but is almost unknown in European cuisine. It's a small tree reaching a height of 7-10 m, grows wild in the rainforests and it's very lush, so it's rarely cultivated except for ornamental purposes.


Baie Rose (Schinus terebinthifolius) is a plant of the Anacardiaceae family, it's native to the tropical and subtropical areas of South America. It looks like a small tree, with a shallow root system and reaches a height of 22-32 feet.
It grows wild in the rainforests of Madagascar and is rarely cultivated for ornamental purposes, it's one of the main ingredients of the traditional Malagasy cuisine. Being wild does not need fertilizers or pesticides, farmers collect it manually, select the best berries and make it dry in the sun.
It's still little known in Europe, has a delicate flavor, slightly peppery and aromatic with notes of anise and sugar. The berries are suitable for garnishing stewed meat, fish and sauces, which stand out for their decorative appearance, it's also very good with cheese. Use it as a decoration without breaking the berries, be careful not to overdo it because, like other spices if taken in large doses can become toxic.

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