Wild Pepper (Voatsiperifery)

Very rare pepper, grows wild in the forests of Madagascar, it's a climbing plant, the berries are harvested by hand at 15 meters in height.
Calling it Pepper is an understatement, Voatsiperifery is an explosion of flavor and very intense aroma, it's slightly spicy.
It goes well with many dishes from meat to fruit, must be mentioned on restaurant's menu paired with fine dishes and haute cuisine


It is one of the world's rarest peppers, is a vine that climbs up the tall trees of the tropical forests of Madagascar. The berries grow on the younger branches that are 32 to 65 feet high, the farmers harvested from June to September manually by climbing rudimentary bamboo stairs, the crop is then selected and put to dry in the sun. It's unknown outside of Madagascar, locally is used both in cooking and in some preparations of traditional malagasy medicine. Being wild is completely natural, without use of any chemicals, the production is very limited and as with almost all other products NatureMadagascar imports it by air to reduce the time between collection and your home. Less spicy than black pepper, it retains the typical aromatic base but with a distinctive flavor and aroma, with fruity, citrus and floral. You can use it to season your salads and potatoes but also goes well with the meat particularly pork and lamb, and even fish. Exceptional on foie gras. It's delicious with cheeses, especially goat's cheese. Perfect with pasta, but it's the combination with sweet food that will surprise you more, with fruit, melon, strawberries, cherries, apples, pears, and especially with chocolate.

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