Raccolta vaniglia del madagascar

NatureMadagascar is a company that imports and sells natural products from Madagascar.

Virna, born in Madagascar, at the end of the 90s arrives in Italy and start an experience of web marketing and advertising. The acquired know how, the desire to make known his country, and helping those less fortunate in life, were the spark that pushed Virna together with Marco to found NatureMadagascar. Virna on this adventure follows in the footsteps of his father who, many years ago, was exporting Spices, Coffee, Rice, Beans, Lychee.

Madagascar is a country of exceptional biodiversity, the forests protect unique plants and animals, the elderly know the secrets to using herbs for therapeutic purposes, the isolation and poverty have protected for years, these natural gifts from explotation.

NatureMadagascar collaborates with local producers and cooperatives of small farmers in order to let you know the taste and aromas of Madagascar and let you appreciate them in daily life.

We work in an ethical and solidarity way with the local population, so we reduce to the maximum the supply chain, we visit 1 or 2 times a year the producers, select them personally and ensure the quality, but we do everything possible to ensure their income is consistent with an adequate standard of living.

NatureMadagascar works with some non-governmental organizations that deal with education and protection of children from poor families in Madagascar, we take advantage of the trips to bring aid that our many friends give us.

Thanks to those who support and accompanies us on this adventure of solidarity!

NatureMadagascar di Haingo Virna Rakotonirina
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