Information Pink Peppercorn (Baie Rose)

Pink Peppercorn (Baie Rose)

Baie Rose are soft berries with a delicate spicy flavor. They can be used raw or cooked. It fits well with all kinds of food and a teaspoon is enough for a portion of any recipe.

Information Wild Pepper (Voatsiperifery)

Wild Pepper (Voatsiperifery)

What is Voatsiperifery?
Voatsiperifery is a wild pepper from the Piper Borbonense family. It is one of the rarest pepper in the world. Its name is composed by the words Voa which means Fruit in the Malagasy language and Tsiperifery the creeper Piper Borbonense.

Information Black Pepper of Manakara

Black Pepper of Manakara

Black peppercorns very fragrant, unique, less spicy than the traditional, but more aromatic.

Information Fried Green Pepper

Fried Green Pepper