Wild Pepper (Voatsiperifery)

What is Voatsiperifery?
Voatsiperifery is a wild pepper from the Piper Borbonense family. It is one of the rarest pepper in the world. Its name is composed by the words Voa which means Fruit in the Malagasy language and Tsiperifery the creeper Piper Borbonense.


How does the Voatsiperifery grow and how is its taste?
Voatsiperifery is a wild pepper growing spontaneously on the top of a climber at a height of 60 feet. Its harvest is done only manually and farmers use ladders to climb the trees to do it. This makes Voatsiperifery one of the rarest peppers. Its taste is delicately spicy, rich and intense with a forest scent. This special taste makes this pepper one of the most appreciated. Its color can vary between red with black shades and black according to its degree of maturity. It is red with a slightly spicy flavor when it is completely ripe, so its bark turns to red. It is black when it is almost ripe.
How to use the Voatsiperifery?
It is advisable to grind it when seasoning your recipes. It is suitable for flavoring raw, steamed, grilled or sautéed food, in the preparation of sauces and condiments. The result is surprising if it is used on chocolate, fruit with a fairly pronounced taste, dessert and jams.

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