Buvez gingembre (Ginger Drink)

image Buvez gingembre (Ginger Drink)


  • - 1 fresh ginger root of about 5 cm in length
  • - 1 L and a half of water
  • - 1 lemon
  • - sugar (about 150-200 grams)


Pour water in a pot. Peel the ginger root and grattugiatela entirely: Pour the grated ginger into the pot and bring to a boil ebollizione.Lasciate for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and let the liquid cool. Once cooled, pour it into a jug and place in refrigerator to cool further. When it has reached the desired temperature, add sugar (preferably cane, measuring the amount depending on your personal taste) and stir vigorously until assorbimento. Aggiungete finally the juice of a lemon.


Consumed for therapeutic purposes since ancient times not only stimulates digestion and circulation, but is known for its antiulcer action for the beneficial effects on bile secretion, as an analgesic and bactericide. It 'also a great tonic tonic: it is useful to combat fatigue, asthenia, and even impotence.

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Preparation time: 20 minutes

Recipe for: 4/5 people

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