Mix salad with Fresh Turmeric

image Mix salad with Fresh Turmeric


  • - 3 Tomatoes
  • - 1 Package of Valerian salad
  • - 1 Fennel
  • - 1 Yellow Pepper
  • - 50g Fresh Turmeric
  • - 1 Lemon
  • - Extra vergin Oliva Oil


Peel the turmeric in a blender and pass it to get its juice then place it in a bowl. Add the juice of a lemon, some salt and freshly grounded pepper from Manakara. Mix well to dissolve the salt in the sauce. Add the extra vergin olive oil. In a bowl cut ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced fennel, pepper and valeriana. Mix the salad with the previously prepared sauce before serving.

tempo cottura ricetta del madagascar Porzioni ricetta del madagascar

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Recipe for: 2 people

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