Pasta with Zucchini and Turmeric

image Pasta with Zucchini and Turmeric


  • - 1 Zucchini
  • - 1/2 Leek (if you do not like it you can replace it with the classic onion)
  • - 1 or 2 teaspoons of Turmeric
  • - salt
  • - extra virgin olive Oil
  • - Black Pepper (Possibly Manakara
  • - 140 gr Pasta


Wash the zucchini, cut into cubes and put in a pan with a little extra vergine olive oil, let it brown slightly and then add a bit of water to make sure that you can cook enough without sticking (it takes about 15 minutes but the cooking time will depend a lot on how thin you cut the zucchini). Only after turning off add the turmeric (avoid cooking it to retain most of the properties) and a pinch of black Manakara pepper (less spicy and very aromatic) to make sure that this wonderful spice is more easily absorbed by the body! Apart boil the pasta al dente and drain it, blow it up briefly in a pan with the zucchini and tumeric. Serve and enjoy!

tempo cottura ricetta del madagascar Porzioni ricetta del madagascar

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Recipe for: 2 people

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